NZA provides industrial asset owners with a turnkey detection, remediation and compliance solution for their environmental obligations including methane and other GHG emissions.

Following COP26 and the codification of net zero emissions targets at government and corporate level as well as increased investor focus on ESG, GHG emissions detection is a top priority.

In the USA the pending release of the new OOOOb federal regulations call for dramatic reduction in both planned and unplanned methane emissions. Additionally progressive States such as California and Colorado have already enforced more stringent state regs. Many of these new regs come with punitive fines for non compliance so the need for proactive detection is greater than ever.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) mounted Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) offers asset owners an efficient and relatively inexpensive method of detection across complex or wide area plant and equipment.

NZA is a leader in UAS mounted OGI and the post processing analysis of gathered data to support quantification and remediation.   

Scott McGowan (President & CEO)

  • 25+ year energy commodity trader
  • Lifelong R/C aircraft pilot and innovator
  • Founder & CEO Precision Aerial Compliance Solutions
  • Industry pioneer & digital disruption thought leader

Mark Hannigan (Exec Chairman)

  • 25+ year exec career in global industrial sector
  • Founder & CEO Fortior Ventures (Deal Advisory)
  • Founder & CEO of Allrig Group (Oilfield Service)
  • Industrial digitalization pioneer in energy sector
  • Mechanical PE